Gene Clark with the Gosdin Brothers "Elevator Operator"

She was an elevator operator she had her ups and downs
She got so high so very fast it took her all day to come down
I'm gonna put you straight to her right now
She's very busy but I'll explain somehow

Elevator operator, elevator operator
She was one of the girls that you make feel
That you were up to stay
But when you began to think it was real
She took you down all the way

I'm gonna put you straight to her right now
I'm gonna have to get along without her now

Enjoy !

3 commentaires:

Le cabinet des rugosités a dit…

J'aime bien ça, je connaissais pas merci'

LRRooster a dit…

C est le premier album de Gene Clark, on sent encore de bonnes influences des Byrds. Quelle qualité dans le songwritting !

Unknown a dit…

Superbe également, la sorte de classe absolue, quoi!