Pantera - Walk


l'armée ukrainienne brouille les communications radio russes avec de la musique heavy metal.


ZOPA-La Dolce Vita



Art Bergmann - Late Stage Empire Dementia


The Cramps & The Mutants - At Napa State Hospital


We Were There to Be There 

Taking place as cuts to crucial social services loom under Ronald Reagan, two legendary punk bands come together to perform a show for patients and staff at a psychiatric facility. Captured on tape by seminal video art collective Target Video, “We Were There Be There” threads moments from the Napa State Hospital set with commentary from band members and those who witnessed it firsthand, providing a crucial backstory for the recording of one of the most iconic shows in the history of music, at a critical moment in the future of mental health care in the US. 

        Ruby Ray, “The Cramps at Napa State Hospital,” 1978. 


Mutants - Man From Omicron !!!

Ronnie Spector - You cant put your arms around a memory (feat Joey Ramone)